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Ever heard of taking a milk bath?
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My goat milk soaps are creamy and luxurious. Goat milk neutralizes the PH of your skin and is very high in fat and protein, which helps moisturize your skin.

I use a "cold process" to make soap. Cold-process soap making produces glycerin. Commercial soap companies extract the glycerin, so you are left with a bar of detergent.

Glycerin from the cold process combined with all the different oils: palm, coconut, shea butter, castor avocado, sweet almond oil, jojoba; and other ingredients such as calendula, oatmeal, honey, chamomile, and vitamin E, produces a soap that moisturizes as it cleans your skin.

I use a variety of recipes, and I am careful not to put too much scent in my soaps. By the same token, people tell me one of the reasons they like my soap is because it smells so good!

No coloring or preservatives are added which make my soaps all natural.

I allow the bars to cure for 3 to 6 months. If the soaps are kept in a well-drained soap dish away from direct shower spray, they will last a long time.

If you use the soap in a soap dish by the sink for washing your hands, one bar will last for months -- depending, of course, on how many times you wash your hands every day and also depending on how many other people are washing their hands with your bar of soap. Once your family members try this soap, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the only soap they want to use!

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Grandma Vickie I love your soap! I work in Alaska and your soap is heaven to my skin. Your Peppermint foot cream and Pear Body Butter are my beauty aids. Thank you Very Much

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